Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeremiah: 10 months

Jeremiah is 10 months old!
It is so hard to believe that his birthday is coming so soon. We have already begun to plan his first birthday celebration.

This month Jeremiah finally started eating cheerios on his own. We have not tried any other finger foods yet. Granny Franny bought us a Baby Bullet and we have been eating so much more table food. Last week he enjoyed chili beans with us. This week we made a roasted chicken for Sunday dinner and he enjoyed that as well. He wants to eat whatever we are having and many times will reach for the food on Benjamin's tray.
We have upgraded to regular oatmeal with applesauce.
He has four teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top. 
He now drinks from a cup at lunch and dinner and has a bottle with breakfast and before bedtime.
Jeremiah is crawling at record speeds. He does not like to play on his own so you will either find him playing with his brother and crawling under Mama's feet. He crawls on his elbows and pushes off his feet. We call it the Commando crawl. He is not pulling himself up yet. He can sit on his bottom and will catch himself before he falls.
He maneuvers his way around the house well. Big brother likes to work puzzles. Jeremiah likes to eat puzzles. Benjamin will hide his puzzle pieces so Jeremiah can't find them to chew them up. Jeremiah loves this hide and seek game. The best hiding place so far has been under Daddy's feet while he is sitting at the table.


 Jeremiah's sleep habits have not changed.
He takes a short nap in the morning. He takes a nap with brother in the afternoon and he sleeps 11-12 hours at night. Jeremiah goes to bed with a blanket and a teddy bear. Big brother makes sure that we do not forget. If we do, he gets out of bed and gives Jeremiah the bear and blanket. Jeremiah also has an Elmo pillow pet that sits outside his crib. Since Big brother sleeps with his Cookie Monster pillow, Elmo has also started appearing in the crib with Jeremiah in the morning.

This child LOVES his Mama. If I leave his sight. it breaks his heart. He does well with others when I leave him, but he gets sooo excited to see me when I come back. His favorite place to be is in my arms snuggling on the couch. I am so thankful for this sweet boy who calls me Mamamamama.

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