Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jeremiah : 9 Months

Jeremiah is crawling!!!!!!

He crawled first while Mama was away on a shopping trip. He does the full body crawl and only crawls a short distance if he can"t reach something. He only did it a few times a day.
Then, we went to stay with some friends while our heatpump got replaced, and they had hardwood floors. Jeremiah discovered his newly found freedom in crawling.
He learned to follow mama everywhere. He is under my feet when I cook, when I clean and if I DARE to sit down, I better be holding him. 

At 9 months, Jeremiah is drinking from a sippy cup!
He takes his water/juice in a sippy cup every night for dinner. 
He hasn't completely mastered holding it by himself. 
His schedule is pretty easy
8:00 - Wakeup time
8:30 Breakfast- 6 oz bottle with oatmeal and applesauce
10:00 nap for about an hour sometimes longer
12:00 6 oz bottle with vegetables and rice
2:00 nap for 2 hours
5:00 Vegetables, meat and grain with fruit with sippy cup
8:30 -8 oz bottle

Jeremiah is either VERY happy or VERY not happy. 
He has learned to clap and claps at everything. He laughs with his whole body. 
His whole face lights up when he grins. Everybody loves to be around him. 

He is learning new syllables. 
He can say dada, mama, blah blah, and hey! among other nonintelligible grunts. 
He likes to grunt while he eats in between bites. Silly baby. 
He has no fear. He would crawl right off the couch if we let him. He has pulled the lamp down on top of himself a few times. This adorable daredevil is keeping us on our toes. 
We love you Jeremiah!


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